Banking Abbreviation

Banking Abbreviation

List of Banking and Finance Abbreviation

Banking and Finance Abbreviation Questions are asked in all the Banking exams and competative exams candidates who are preparing for RRBs /IBPS / SBI / RBI  and other competative exams must go thorough once particularly this article which will help to secure 2-3 marks in the competative exams.

Banking and Finance Abbreviation

AAC - Academic Advisory Council 
AACS - As Applicable to Cooperative Societies
ACU - Asian Clearing Union 
ADF - Asset Development Fund
ADs - Aggregate Deposits
AD  - Authorized Dealer 
ADSCR - Average Debt Service Coverage Ratio
AEs - Advanced Economies
AePS - Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
AI - Artificial Intelligence
AID - All-Inclusive Directions
AIDC - Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess
AIFs - Alternative Investment Funds
AIFIs - All India Financial Institutions
AML - Anti-Money Laundering
ANBC - Adjusted Net Bank Credit
AP - Authorized Person
APBS - Aadhaar Payment Bridge System 
API - Application Programming Interface
APLMA - Asia Pacific Loan Markets Association
ARCs - Asset Reconstruction Companies
AREAER - Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions
ARMS - Audit and Risk Management Sub Committee
ARR - Alternative Reference Rate
ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASISO - Automated Sweep-In and Sweep-Out
ASM - Asia Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Monitor
ATBs - Auction Treasury Bills 
ATM - Automated Teller Machines
AUM - Assets Under Management

BBPOUs - Bharat Bill Payment Operating Units
BBPS - Bharat Bill Payment System
BCs - Business Correspondents
BCBS - Basel Committee of Banking Supervision
BC-ICT - Business Correspondents - Information and Communication Technology
BCM - Business Continuity Management
BCP - Business Continuity Plan
BD - Banking Department
BE - Budget Estimates
BFS - Board for Financial Supervision
BFSI - Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 
BIS - Bank for International Settlements
BoJ - Bank of Japan
bps - Basis Points
BPSS - Board for Regulation and Supervision of Payment and Settlement Systems
BQR - Bharat Quick Response
BRBNMPL - Bhartiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited
BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
B-SC - Building Sub-Committee
BTFP - BRICS Task Force on Payments
BUs - Business Units 

CA - Concurrent Audit 
CAFRAL - Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning
CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate
CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency
CBDT - Central Board of Direct Taxes
CBIC - Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs
CC - Cash Credit 
CCB - Committee of the Central Board
CCBs - Central Cooperative Banks 
CCIL - Clearing Corporation of India Limited
CCO - Chief Compliance Officer
CCP - Central Counterparty
CDES - Currency Distribution and Exchange Scheme
CDs - Certificates of Deposit
CDS - Credit Default Swaps
CEOBE - Credit Equivalent of Off-Balance Sheet Exposure 
CEPCs - Consumer Education and Protection Cells 
CEPD - Consumer Education and Protection Department
CF - Contingency Fund
CFLs - Centers for Financial Literacy
CFR - Central Fraud Registry
CFSL - Centrum Financial Services Limited 
CGA - Controller General of Accounts
CGD - Comprehensive Guidelines on Derivatives
CGFS - Committee on the Global Financial System
CGRA - Currency and Gold Revaluation Account
CICs - Credit Information Companies 
CiC - Currency in Circulation
CIMS - Centralized Information Management System
CIRP - Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
CIT - Cash in Transit
CLS - Continuous Linked Settlement
CMBs - Cash Management Bills
CMGs - Crisis Management Groups 
CMIE - Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy
CMS - Complaint Management System
CMT - Crisis Management Team
CO - Central Office
CoC - Committee of Creditors 
CODs - Central Office Departments
CoFT - Card-on-File Tokenization
ConPI - Customer Protection Index 
CoS - College of Supervisors
CP - Consumer Pyramid
CPFIR - Central Payments Fraud Information Registry
CPI - Consumer Price Index
CPI-AL - CPI for Agricultural Laborer's
CPI-IW - CPI for Industrial Workers
CPI-RL - CPI for Rural Laborer's
CPMI-IOSCO - Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures-International 
Organization of Securities Commissions
CPs - Commercial Papers
CPS - Centralized Payment System
CPWD - Central Public Works Department 
CP-NBFCs - Commercial Paper Issuances by Nonbanking Financial Companies
CRILC - Central Repository of Information on Large Credits
CRM - Credit Risk Mitigation
CRPC - Centralized Receipt and Processing Centre
CRR - Cash Reserve Ratio
CSAA - Control Self-Assessment Audit
CSBD - Corporate Strategy and Budget Department
CSF - Consolidated Sinking Fund
CSGL - Centralized Subsidiary General Ledger
CSII - Color Shift Intaglio Ink
CwP - Currency with the Public

DAP - Di Ammonium Phosphate
DBIE - Database on Indian Economy 
DBT - Direct Benefit Transfer
DCCBs - District Central Cooperative Banks
DDs - Demand Drafts
DEA - Depositor Education and Awareness
DEIO - Department of External Investments and Operations
DEPR - Department of Economic and Policy Research
DGBA - Department of Government and Bank Accounts
DHFL - Dewan Housing Finance Ltd.
DICGC - Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
DIF - Deposit Insurance Fund
DIT - Department of Information Technology
DMS - Document Management Software 
DoC - Department of Communication
DoR - Department of Regulation
DoS - Department of Supervision
DoT - Department of Telecommunications
DPI - Digital Payments Index
DPSS - Department of Payment and Settlement Systems 
DR - Disaster Recovery 
DSCR - Debt Service Coverage Ratio 
DSIM - Department of Statistics and Information Management 

e-BAAT - Electronic Banking Awareness and Training 
EBITDA - Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization
EBR - Element-Based Repository 
ECB - External Commercial Borrowings
ECCS - Express Cheque Clearing System
ECLGS - Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme
ECS - Electronic Clearing Service
EDC - Executive Directors’ Committee
EDSP - Electronic Data Submission Portal
EFD - Enforcement Department
EFI - External Funded Institutions
EIAD - Employee Interface and Analytics Division 
EMDEs - Emerging Market and Developing Economies
EMEs - Emerging Market Economies
eNWRs - Electronic Negotiable Warehouse Receipts
EoI - Expression of Interest
EPFO - Employees’ Provident Fund Organization
ERM - Enterprise-wide Risk Management
ESIC - Employees’ State Insurance Corporation
ETCD - Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives
ETR - Effective Corporate Tax Rate
EWI - Early Warning Indicator 
EWS - Early Warning Signals 
EXIM - Export Import Bank of India

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
FAR - Fully Accessible Route
FASAL - Forecasting Agricultural Output using Space, Agro-Meteorology and Land based Observations
FATF - Financial Action Task Force
FBIL - Financial Benchmark India Pvt. Ltd
FCA - Foreign Currency Asset
FCBD - Finance and Central Bank Deputies 
FCBs - Foreign Central Bank
FCNR(B) - Foreign Currency Non-Resident Account (Bank)
FCS-OIS - Foreign Currency Settled Overnight Indexed Swap
FCVA - Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts Valuation Account
FC-XV - 15th Finance Commission
FCY ECB - Foreign Currency External Commercial Borrowings
FDI - Foreign Direct Investment
FE - Final Estimate
FED - Foreign Exchange Department 
FEMA - Foreign Exchange Management Act
FFMCs - Full-Fledged Money Changers
FER - Foreign Exchange Reserves
FETERS - Foreign Exchange Transactions Electronic Reporting System
FIs - Financial Institutions
FICNs - Fake Indian Currency Notes
FIDD - Financial Inclusion and Development Department 
FIF - Financial Inclusion Fund
FI-Index - Financial Inclusion Index
FinTech - Financial Technology
FIPs - Financial Inclusion Plans 
FLA - Foreign Liabilities and Assets 
FLCs - Financial Literacy Centers
FLW - Financial Literacy Week
FMCBG - Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FMOD - Financial Markets Operations Department
FMRD - Financial Markets Regulation Department 
FPI - Foreign Portfolio Investment
FPOs - Follow-on Public Offers
FRB - Floating Rate Bonds
FRSB - Floating Rate Savings Bonds
FSB - Financial Stability Board
FSDC - Financial Stability and Development Council
FSDC-SC - Financial Stability and Development Council - Sub-Committee
FSR - Financial Stability Report
FSU - Financial Stability Unit

G-20 - Group of Twenty
GC - Governing Council
GCCs - General Credit Cards
GCF - Gross Capital Formation
GDAL - Granular Data Access Lab
GDP - Gross Domestic Product
GFC - Global Financial Crisis
GFCF - Gross Fixed Capital Formation
GFD - Gross Fiscal Deficit
GFSN - Global Financial Safety Net 
GML - Gold (Metal) Loans 
GMS - Gold Monetization Scheme 
GNDI - Gross National Disposable Income
GNPA - Gross Non-Performing Asset
GoI - Government of India
GRF - Guarantee Redemption Fund
GRIHA - Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment
GRQ - General Review of Quotas
G-SAP - G-sec Acquisition Programme
GSCDCI - Global Supply Chain Disruption Cost Index
GSDP - Gross State Domestic Product
G-sec - Government Securities
GSLBM - Government Security Lending and Borrowing Mechanism
GST - Goods and Services Taxes
GUARD - Governance Oversight, Utile Technology Investment, Appropriate Regulation and Supervision, Robust Collaboration, and Developing necessary IT, cyber security skills set
GVA - Gross Value Added
GVCs - Global Value Chains

HFCs - Housing Finance Companies
HO - Head Office 
HRMD - Human Resource Management Department 
HRM-SC - Human Resource Management Subcommittee

IADI - International Association of Deposit Insurers
IAMs - Integrated Assessment Models
IBA - Indian Banks’ Association
IBS - International Banking Statistics
ICAI - Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAR - Indian Council of Agricultural Research
ICEGATE - Indian Customs Electronic Gateway
ICT - Information and Communication Technology
ID - International Department 
IDMD - Internal Debt Management Department
IEO - Independent Evaluation Office 
IESH - Inflation Expectation Survey of Households
IFA - International Financial Architecture
IFA WG - International Financial Architecture Working Group
IFSC - Indian Financial System Code 
IFSCs - International Financial Services Centers
IFTAS - Indian Financial Technologies and Allied Services 
IGBC - Indian Green Building Council
IGIDR - Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
IIBM - Indian Institute of Bank Management
IIFC - India Infrastructure Finance Company
IIP - Index of Industrial Production
IMF - International Monetary Fund 
IMFC - International Monetary and Financial Committee
IMPS - Immediate Payment Service
Ind-AS - Indian Accounting Standards
InvITS - Infrastructure Investment Trusts
IO - Internal Ombudsman
IOS - Industrial Outlook Survey
IoT - Internet of Things
IPL - Indian Premier League 
IPO - Initial Public Offering
IPP - Intellectual Property Products
IRA - Investment Revaluation Accounts
IRACP - Income Recognition, Asset Classify cation and Provisioning
IRA-FS - Investment Revaluation Account Foreign Securities
IRA-RS - Investment Revaluation Account Rupee Securities
IRD - Interest Rate Derivatives
IRIS - Integrated Risk Monitoring and Incident Reporting System 
IRRS - Integrated Rajbhasha Reporting System
ISDA - International Swaps and Derivatives Association
IT - Information Technology
ITES - Information Technology-Enabled Services 
IT-SC - Information Technology Subcommittee
ITBs - Intermediate Treasury Bills
IVR - Inter-active Voice Response
IWG - Infrastructure Working Group
IWG - Internal Working Group

JTCC - Joint Technical Coordination Committee 

KBC - Kaun Banega Crorepati 
KLEMS - Capital(K), Labour(L), Energy(E), Material(M) and Services(S)
KCC - Kisan Credit Card
KPI - Key Performance Indicators
KRIs - Key Risk Indicators 
kWp - Kilowatts Peak
KYC - Know Your Customer

LAB - Local Area Banks 
LAF - Liquidity Adjustment Facility
LAI - Leaf Area Index 
LBMA - London Bullion Market Association
LEF - Large Exposure Framework 
LEI - Legal Entity Identifier
LEIL - Legal Entity Identifier India Ltd.
LEs - Legal Entities
LIBOR - London Inter-Bank Offered Rate
LMS - Learning Management System
LPA - Long Period Average
LPG - Liquefied  Petroleum Gas
LRS - Liberalized Remittance Scheme

M3 - Money Supply
MAF - Medical Assistance Fund
MANI - Mobile Aided Note Identifier
MAS - Monetary Authority of Singapore
MA-SAAR - Moving Average of Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Growth Rate
MCLR - Marginal Cost of Funds-based Lending Rate
MD - Managing Director
MEM - Marginal Effect at Means
MFIs - Microfinance Institutions
MI - Market Intelligence 
MIFOR - Mumbai Interbank Forward Outright Rate
MIS - Management Information System
ML - Machine Learning
MLTGD - Medium- and Long-Term Government Deposit 
MoE - Memorandum of Error
MoF - Ministry of Finance 
MoSPI - Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
MoU - Memorandum of Understanding
MPC - Monetary Policy Committee
MPOR - Margin Period of Risk
MSEs - Micro and Small Enterprises
MSF - Marginal Standing Facility
MSPs - Minimum Support Prices
MTDS - Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy 
MTF - Medium Term Framework
MTSS - Money Transfer Service Schemes

NABARD - National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NACH - National Automated Clearing House
NAFCUB - National Federation of Urban 
Cooperative Banks and Credit Societies Ltd.
NARCL - National Asset Reconstruction Company
NBFC - Non-Banking Financial Company
NBFC-D - Deposit taking NBFCs
NBFC-MFIs - Non-Banking Financial Company Microfinance Institutions 
NBFC-ND - Non-Deposit taking NBFCs
NBFI - Non-Banking Financial Institutions
NCCDs - Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives
NCDs - Non-Convertible Debentures
NCFE - National Centre for Financial Education
NCLT - National Company Law Tribunal 
NDA - Net Domestic Assets
NDCs - Nationally Determined Contributions
NDF - Non-Deliverable Forward
NDI - Non-Debt Instrument
NDTL - Net Demand and Time Liabilities
NDS-OM - Negotiated Dealing System-Order Matching
NDVI - Normalized Difference Vegetation Index 
NEER - Nominal Effective Exchange Rate
NEFT - National Electronic Funds Transfer
NEM - North-east Monsoon
NeTC - National Electronic Toll Collection
NETS - Network for Electronic Transfers
NFA - Net Foreign Assets
NFC - Non-Food Credit
NFC - Near Field Communication
NFS - National Financial Switch
NFSA - National Food Security Act
NGFS - Network for Greening of the Financial System 
NHB - National Housing Bank
NIBM - National Institute of Bank Management 
NIM - Net Interest Margin
NIPL - NPCI International Private Limited
NOF - Net Owned Funds
NPA - Note Purchase Agreement
NPA - Non-Performing Assets
NPCI - National Payments Corporation of India
NPS - National Pension Scheme
NSFE - National Strategy for Financial Education
NSFI - National Strategy for Financial Inclusion
NSSF - National Small Savings Fund
NSO - National Statistical Office 
NWRs - Negotiable Warehouse Receipts

OBC - Other Backward Classes
OBICUS - Order Books, Inventories and Capacity Utilization Survey
OD - Overdraft 
ODI - Overseas Direct Investment
OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 
OFC - Optical Fiber Cable
OLIC - Official Language Implementation Committee 
OLS - Ordinary Least Squares
OMBs - Open Market Borrowings
OMOs - Open Market Operations
OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPEC+ - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies
ORBIOs - Offices of the Reserve Bank of India Ombudsmen 
OT - Operation Twist
OTC - Over the Counter

PA - Provisional Accounts
PADO - Public Administration, Defense and Other Services
PAT - Profit After Tax
PBs - Payments Banks
PBDIT - Profit Before Depreciation, Interest and Tax
PCA - Prompt Corrective Action 
PDs - Primary Dealers
PDL - Polynomial Distributed Lag
PDS - Public Distribution System
PFCE - Private Final Consumption Expenditure
PFCVA - Provision for Forward Contracts Valuation Account
PFMIs - Principles for Financial Market Infrastructure
PFMS - Public Financial Management System
PIDF - Payments Infrastructure Development Fund
PIRP - Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process 
PLFS - Periodic Labor Force Survey
PLI - Production-Linked Incentive
PMC - Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank
PMGKAY - Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana
PMI - Purchasing Managers’ Index
PML - Prevention of Money Laundering 
PM SVANidhi - Prime Minister Street Vendor’s AatmaNirbhar Nidhi
PPAC - Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell
PO - Project Office
POs - Payment Orders
POS - Point of Sale
PPIs - Prepaid Payment Instruments
PRAKALP - Pratayaksh Kar Lekhankan Pranali
PSBs - Public Sector Banks
PSL - Priority Sector Lending
PSLCs - Priority Sector Lending Certificates
PSOs - Payment System Operators
PSPs - Payment Service Providers
PSS - Payment and Settlement Systems
PSUs - Public Sector Undertakings
PWBD - Persons with Benchmark Disabilities 

QAD - Quality Assurance Division
QIP - Qualified Institutional Placement
QPM - Quarterly Projection Model
QR - Quick Response 

RAM-OR - Risk Assessment Methodology for Operational Risk
RBA - Risk-Based Approach
RBI - Reserve Bank of India 
RBIA - Risk Based Internal Audit 
RBIEPF - Reserve Bank of India Employees Provident Fund
RBIH - Reserve Bank Innovation Hub
RB-IOS - Reserve Bank-Integrated Ombudsman Scheme
RBI-RD - Reserve Bank of India-Retail Direct 
RBP - Risk Based Premium
RBR - Return-Based Repository 
RBS - Risk-Based Supervision
RCA - Root Cause Analysis
RCG-Asia - Regional Consultative Group, Asia
RCL - Reliance Capital Ltd 
RDG - Retail Direct Gilt 
RE - Revised Estimates
ReBIT - Reserve Bank Information Technology Private Limited
RECO - Revenue Expenditure to Capital Outlay
REER - Real Effective Exchange Rate
REIT - Real Estate Investment Trusts
REs - Regulated Entities
RFCA - Revaluation of Forward Contracts Account
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification
RIDF - Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
RM - Reserve Money
RMC - Risk Monitoring Committee 
RMD - Risk Monitoring Department
ROs - Regional Offices
RPA - Robotic Process Automation
RRBs - Regional Rural Banks
RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement
RTI - Right to Information
RTL - Risk Tolerance Limits
RTO - Recovery Time Objective
RTP - Reserve Tranche Position
RT-PCR - Reverse Transcription - Polymerase Chain Reaction 

SAA - Swap Amortization Account
SAP - Systems Applications and Products 
SAs - Statutory Auditors
SAAR - Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Growth Rate
SAARC - South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation
SARFAESI Act - Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act
SARTTAC - South Asian Regional Training and Technical Assistance Centre
SBR - Scale-Based Regulation 
SBS - Shredding and Briquetting Systems 
SCAs - Statutory Central Auditors 
SCBs - Scheduled Commercial Banks
SDF - Special Drawing Facility
SDG - Sustainable Development Goals
SDLs - State Development Loans
SDMX - Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange
SDRs - Special Drawing Rights SEs - Supervised Entities
SEACEN - South East Asian Central Banks
SEBI - Securities and Exchange Board of India
SEFL - SREI Equipment Finance Limited
SEZ - Special Economic Zone 
SFBs - Small Finance Banks
SFG - Sustainable Finance Group 
SFMS - Structured Financial Messaging System
SGB - Sovereign Gold Bond
SGL - Subsidiary General Ledger
SHGs - Self-Help Groups
SIDBI - Small Industries Development Bank of India
SIFL - SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited 
SIOS - Services and Infrastructure Outlook Survey
SIP - Systematic Investment Plan
SLBC - State Level Bankers Committee
SLCCs - State Level Coordination Committees
SLD - Senior Level Dialogue
SLR - Statutory Liquidity Ratio
SLTRO - Special Long Term Repo Operation
SMA - Special Mention Account 
SMEs - Small and Medium Enterprises
SOFR - Secured Overnight Financing Rate
SONIA - Sterling Overnight Index Average
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SPARSH - System of Pension Administration (Raksha)
SPDs - Standalone Primary Dealers SPECTRA - Software Platform for External 
Commercial Borrowings and Trade Credits Reporting and Approval
SPMCIL - Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited
SRO - Self-Regulatory Organization
SRS - System Requirement Study 
S-SC - Strategy Sub-Committee 
SSCI - Services Sector Composite Index
StCBs - State Cooperative Banks
STRIPS - Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal Securities
SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
SWM - South-West Monsoon

TACS - Technical Advisory Committee in Surveys
T-Bills - Treasury Bills
TCs - Trade Credits 
TEs - Training Establishments
TIN - Tax Information System
TLTROs - Targeted Long Term Repo Operations
TOL/ATNW - Total Outside Liabilities-Adjusted Ratio Tangible Net Worth Ratio
TOP - Tomatoes, Onions and Potatoes 
TReDS - Trade Receivables Discounting System
TSA - Treasury Single Account
TSCAs - Time-Sensitive Critical Activities 

UAM - Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum
UAT - User Acceptance Testing
UCBs - Urban Cooperative Banks
UDAY - Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana 
UN - United Nations
UO - Umbrella Organization 
UPI - Unified Payment Interface
USFB - Unity Small Finance Bank Limited 
UTs - Union Territories
UTI - Unique Transaction Identifier 

VaR/ES - Value at Risk/Expected Shortfall
VAT - Value Added Tax
V-CIP - Video-based Customer Identification Process
VFT - Value Free Transfer 
VIR - Visually Impaired Respondents 
VM - Variation Margin
VRR - Voluntary Retention Route 
VRRR - Variable Rate Reverse Repo
VTAs - Voluntary Trading Arrangements 

WACR - Weighted Average Call Rate
WAM - Weighted Average Maturity
WAS - Weighted Average Spread
WAY - Weighted Average Yield
WLA - White Label ATM
WMA - Ways and Means Advances
WPI - Wholesale Price Index
WTD - Whole-Time Director 
WTO - World Trade Organization
WWF - World-Wide Fund for Nature 

XBRL - extensible Business Reporting Language

ZCYC - Zero Coupon Yield Curve 
ZTCs - Zonal Training Centers 

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