Taking charge of a Bank Branch

Taking charge of a Bank Branch
(Charge taking of a Bank Branch)

When a Manager joins a bank branch he/she should check these following and need to take a branch bank charge. Banks having a  circular relating to charge taking of the branch. Manager needs to read the circular.
1) Cash Balance at the Branch
First and foremost duty of the manager is to check the Cash Balance at the branch. Its should be tally with system cash. Need to get to know branches cash retention limit. 

2) ATM Cash Balances 
Need to check physical cash in ATM. It's should be tally with system ATM cash balance. Need to take ATM tally certificate from the concerned officer.

3) Checking the Gold Loans
Need to check golds Gross Weight and Net Weight. Loans sanctioned as per the market value of the gold. If any variations recorded properly. If any loans more than 18 months old immediate action should be taken.

4) Keys of the Branch
Need to check all the keys of the branch is available or not. 
Strong room Key's, ATM Keys, Cash Safe, Main Gate Keys.

5) Duplicate Keys should be presented in another nearby branch.
Need to check the sealed cover of duplicate keys available in another branch. If any difference needs to report.

6) Trail Balance
Need to take a print of trial balance. It will give you a clear picture of the bank branch. Will get to know the business of the branch. What type of loans and deposits there in the branch.

7) KYC Compliance
Take a report of non KYC accounts and need to report.

8) Security Items
Need to check the security items like cheque books, demand drafts, fixed deposit receipts. It's should be tally with system report.

9) Furniture and Fixtures 
Need to check all the furniture and fixtures of the branch. Its should be tally with the register.

10) Loan Inward Register
In this register application date, name of the borrower, sanction amount and date or rejection details must be entered. The manager needs to check this before taking the charge.

11) Loan Documents
Need to check all the loan documents are available as per system.

12) MDP Register
Need to check all the loans are sanctioned within Manager Discretionary Power.

13) Security Norms
All the loans should be sanctioned as per the security norms of the bank. If any difference needs to report.

14) Expired the loan document
Properly check the validity of the loan document. Go through it. And expired documents need to report before taking the charge.

15) Inspection Report
Need to check inspection reports. All the queries rectified if not need to report.

16) Tax Challans 
Check All the tax payments are made to the income tax department.

17) Branch Security Items
Need to check CCTV, Burglar Alarm, Fire equipment (expiry date) 

18) SARFAESI Accounts 
Check the status of SARFAESI initiated accounts and report.

Loans sanctioned in CGTMSE need to be checked. And necessary follow up should be done.

Need to check before sanctioning any loan took a CIBIL report or not.

21) Complaints Register
If any complaints recorded need to check the status if pending need to report.

22) Insurance Register
Check and all the eligible loan accounts are covered by insurance or not. If not covered need to report.

23) Office Order Register
Need to check which duty allotted to whom.

24) Nomination Register
Need to check it's properly updated or not.

25) Inventory Register
Inventory should be tally with system balance.

26) 15 GH and Form 60, 61
Need to check it's properly maintained or not.

27) Pending loan proposals
Need to take early action on pending loan proposals.

28) Suit Filed Cases
Need to check all the suit filed cases in various courts and DRTs for recovery of dues And need to take proper action.

29) Returned cheques
If any returned cheques need to deliver those cheques to parties with the returned memo.

30) Unit Inspection
Need for random unit inspection
 of a few loans sanctioned.

31) ATM Cards, PIN mailers
Need to check ATM Register.

32) Staff Leave Details
Need to check all the staff leave details properly recorded or not.

33) Locker Register
Need to check locker rent is collected or not.

34) Computer Hardware
Computers, Printers, UPS, Modem and Router to be inspected and Warranties and Annual Maintenance Contracts in force are to be updated.

35) Computer Software
Need to check software CDs and available.

36) Death Claims Register 
Need to check all death claims are done as per circulars.

37) NPA Register
Check the Non-Performance Account Register and further action of recovery should be initiated.

38)Login Details and Passwords 
Take possession of all the logins IDs and Passwords.

39) Statement submitted to Controlling Office
Need to check all statements are submitted to controlling office or not. And need to confirm got approval.

40) Pending Correspondence
Need to attend pending correspondence.

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