E Swathu Karnataka

E Swathu

Property records maintained within the GPs are being maintained under the principles prescribed under Karnataka GP (Budget and Accounts Rules), 2006.

 Though the primary objective of maintaining such documents is to collect the tax, within the absence of no other property document for non agricultural properties within the jurisdiction of Gram Panchayats.
Form-9 and Form-11 is documents used as property documents to identify the land parcel for registration purpose.

E-Swathu covers the next activities in Gram Panchyaths:

1) Maintaining up-to-date records with regard to ownership, extent, dimension, etc., of properties under its jurisdiction.

2) Process to under taken updations because of various transactions like sale, inheritance, partition, gift, will, land acquisition, etc.,

3) Facilities to form new property records which are arising after following due process of law of law under law.

4) Issue of records as and when owner / citizen demands for it.
Electronic data exchange with registration department.

5) Electronic data exchange with Local town planning Authorities.

6) Implementation of court decree,

7) Managing addition and removal of court stay.

8) Incorporation of liabilities on the property and removal of the same as and when demanded.

E Swattu in Karantaka

1. What's Form-9?


Form-9 is a document issued by the Gram Panchayat for non-agricultural properties in its jurisdiction as per Karnataka Panchayat Raj (Grama Panchayat Budgeting and Accounting) Rules 2006, Amendment Rules 2013 mentioned under Rule 28.

Gram Panchayats can issue Form 9 just for properties that are-

a)  Duly converted as per the provisions under of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act,1964 by the respective Revenue Department Office and even have approved plans sanctioned as per the Town and Country Planning Act and other related enactments by the respective Urban Development Department Plan sanctioning office.

b) For the Basava, Ambedkar and Indira Awaas Yojana Government housing scheme beneficiaries as per the Housing Department circular dated 30.01.2012 bearing number HD 55 HAS 2011.

c) For properties which are attested by the Tahsildar through a sketch certifying the situation as located within the Gramathana of the village as per Revenue Department circular bearing No. RD 174 MUNOMU 2005 dated 23.08.2005 and bearing No. RD 146 ASD 2013 dated 14.06.2013.

2. what's Form-11?

Answer: Form-11 may be a document issued by the Gram Panchayat for non-agricultural properties in its jurisdiction as per Karnataka Panchayat Raj (Grama Panchayat Budgeting and Accounting) Rules 2006, Amendment Rules 2013 mentioned under Rule 30.

Form-11 register is additionally called as Register of Demand, Collection and Balance of land and building.

3. Where form-9 and form-11 are used?


For the Gram Panchayats Form Number 9 and 11 are essentially instruments for land tax collection. Gram Panchayats are local civic bodies and and are authorised as per section 199 of the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act,1993 to gather property taxes.

However the Revenue department  as amended in 2013 has made Form-9 and Form-11 mandatory documents for non agricultural properties coming under the jurisdiction of Grama Panchayats for completing registration.

Hence citizens seeking to sell their property apply for Form 9 and 11 in Gram Panchayats.

4. How is an application required to be submitted within the Gram Panchayat for Form 9?


For an application to be submitted within the Gram Panchayats for issue of Form-9 the subsequent documents got to be necessarily appended by the applicant

a) If the property is claimed to fall within the Gramthana-

i) Gramthana sketch with the property certificate surveyed and authorized by the Tahsildar.

b) If the property is claimed to be converted property the subsequent document copies got to be necessarily appended-

i) Ownership documents and Conversion order issued by the Revenue dept.

ii) Ownership documents and Plan approval given by the competent authority in Urban Development Dept.

c) If the property is granted during a govt. Housing scheme such as;
Basava Vasati, Ashraya, Indira Awas Yojana the subsequent must be appended- i) Hakkupathra issued by the competent authority and sanction order.

For of these three categories, the subsequent documents also got to be enclosed,

i) Photograph of the applicant and any ID and address proof like card , PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport.

5. what's the time required for Gram Panchayat for issue of Form-9?


On 1-4-2011 issue of Form-9 by the Gram Panchayats (Alteration to assessment register) has been notified as a Sakala Service and every Gram Panchayat has been given 45 days for issue of Form-9.

6. Are there any restrictions for issuing Form-9 and Form-11?


Yes, Form-9 are often issued to only to those properties which are falling under anybody of the subsequent categories.

1. Gramathana sites.

2. Sites formed out of duly approved layout approved by competent authority

3. Sites sanctioned under different Government beneficiary schemes.
Form-11 are often issued to all or any the properties which have Form-9 and also to the properties which aren't falling under any of the above categories but already a part of existing demand register.

7.Who issues Form-9 / Form-11?


The Gram Panchayat office issues the shape 9 and 11 through the Panchayat development Officer and therefore the Gram Panchayat Secretary. First time the request for Form-9 and Form-11 may be a process in workflow based software called e-SWATHU .

Subsequent issue of copy of Form-9 and Form-11 are going to be within 03 days from date of application on payment of prescribed fee.

8. Will i buy receipt for having paid prescribed fee?


In every document issued fee collected along side date and place of issue are going to be printed.

9. Who is that the competent authority for issuing conversion orders?


Deputy Commissioner of the district (Revenue Department) is that the competent authority for issuing conversion orders.

10. Who is that the competent authority for approving the layout plan?


Concerned city planning Authority duly constituted under the Karnataka Country and city Planning Act 1960 is that the competent authority for approving layout plan. within the absence of any such authority, Director, city planning is that the competent authority.

11. Whether Form-9 and Form-11 issued for Grama Panchayats need ink signature?


No, all the Form-9 and Form-11 issued from Grama Panchayats after 15-06-2013 are digitally signed by Panchayat Development Officer (PDO); hence no ink signature of any Grama Panchayat officials is required for these documents.

12. what's the importance in form-9 and form-11 issued from e-SWATHU?


Every document issued will have unique certificate number which is printed. Use this certificate number to cross check the genuineness of the document.

13. the way to check genuineness of the form-9 and form-11 issued from the Panchayat?


Every form-9 and form-11 is issued on secured stationery and Hologram is pasted on the certificate. One can see the water mark within the paper on which form-9/form-11 is issued and each paper is numbered and it's printed in top right corner.

On entering certificate number, originally issued certificate are going to be shown for comparison purpose.

14. Are there the other means by which genuineness of certificate are often verified?


Yes, one can verify the genuineness of certificate by reading the 2d-barcode printed on the certificate which contains digital signature of PDO. Details concerning procedure to be followed are going to be published during this section shortly.

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