IBA Full Form

IBA Full Form

IBA full form is Indian Bank Association. It was started in the year 1946. It was formed on 26 th September. It is body of management of banking in India and operating in India. In simple words IBA association of banks which connects to one to other banks. IBA was started for development, coordination and strengthening of Indian Banking.

IBA Headquarter

IBA Headquarter is based on Mumbai. In simple words all the major operations are managed and centered in Mumbai.

IBA works

In the year 1946 Indian Bank Association used to represent 22 Indian banks. With continues growth and expansion of the banking industry, it now represents 249 banking companies which are operating in India. Indian Bank Association having membership from Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks having offices in India, Co operative Banks, Regional Rural Banks, All India financial instructions.

IBA performs a very important role in the management and development of the banking sector, facilitating smooth operations.

IBA Managing committee

IBA committee having 1 Chairman, 3 Deputy Chairmen, 1 Honorary Secretary and 26 Members.

IBA Chairman

Rajkiran Rai is elected as a Chairman of IBA on 20 November 2020. He is Union Bank of India MD and CEO.

Official website

IBA official website is

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