SBI Bank RTGS Form PDF Download

SBI Bank RTGS Form PDF Download  | SBI Bank RTGS and NEFT Form PDF Download

State Bank of India is an Indian multinational public sector bank headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In case if you want to transfer the fund offline you need to fill the RTGS/NEFT form. Before moving further first understand what is RTGS and NEFT
SBI Bank RTGS Form PDF Download

RTGS stands for -Real time Gross Settlement

In RTGS transfer when you send money using RTGS, the amount is credited or settled to the beneficiary account immediately without any delay. In Simple words you can say that a settlement happens as soon as it is received. The minimum amount you can transfer through SBI Bank RTGS is 2 lakhs

NEFT stands for - National Electronic Funds Transfer

In NEFT transfer you can transfer a amount  less than 2 lakhs to any bank account and even one rupee can be transferred through NEFT 

How to Get SBI Bank RTGS and NEFT form

You can get this form by visiting in any SBI Bank branch else you can download here from below link

SBI Bank RTGS and NEFT Form PDF Download

Step by Step Process to Fill SBI Bank RTGS/NEFT Form

Fill the bank branch name where you have your account and then the Date and enter your Bank Account Number Enter the Beneficiary’s name, Bank name, Branch name, Account number, IFSC code, Mobile number Amount you want to transfer (in figures), and in words as well.  Amount  transferring and the amount  be paid to  beneficiary through Cheque or through any of your SBI Bank Account Number. Enter your Cheque Number, Amount, and attach the cheque while you submit the form. sign in the designated box.

Advantages of NEFT/RTGS

Most Safe and Secure way to transfer funds of large amount from one bank to another. Its available 24*7 on internet.

Conclusion :

In this article you have come across how to download RTGS and NEFT Form in PDF, How to fill RTGS and NEFT Form and its advantages. In  case If you have any doubt related to the above information, you can ask in the  comment section.

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