Rule of 114

Rule of 114

In this rule, we get to know how much time required to triple your money at a given rate. This is a shortcut rule. In simple words, in this rule, we just divide 114 by interest rate. This is a very useful formula to know how much time required to tripling the money quickly. This is one type of simple thumb rule and useful for handy calculations, arrive at approximate value without the use of any applications.

Rule of 114 Formula =

114 / annual rate of interest.

For example:

Principal Rs. 100,000 
Rate of Interest 6 per cent.

if you want to know how long it will take to triple your money at 6% interest, divide 114 by 6 and get 19 years. It will take 19 years triple the money.

For example:

A person invested Rs 200000 in mutual funds. These funds have given 15 per cent returns. Now by applying the 114 formula (114/15) we get 7.6 years. In this example, money gets tripled within 7.6 years.

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In this article, we get to know about the rule 114 formula and how it will calculate. This is an investment thumb rule. Dear readers if you know anything more kindly comment, this is very helpful for other readers.

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