True caller is caller identification application. This application very helpful to identify the caller who is calling.  True Caller offering term loans up to 5 Lakh.

This loans can be availed on the basis of the quoted eligibility criteria. Borrower can take the loans from Rs 10000 to Rs 500000. It’s having interest rate of 16% per annum.  Loan repayment period for true caller loans is 3 Months to 36 Months. True Caller process only one loan to each borrower at one time. It’s not offers multiple loans. Every month before 5th borrower need to repay the loans.


 Its offer instant loans.

3 Months to 36 Months flexible repayment option available to borrowers to repay the loans.

True Caller Loans not having any prepayment charges when you repay the loans earlier than the stipulated period.

 Loan process is totally paperless.

 Loan amount quickly disbursed and borrower can withdraw the amount.


Credit Score of the borrower should be more than 650 to get a loan from true caller.

Borrower monthly in hand salary must be more than Rs 13500 pm and if borrower is self employeed his/her monthly income should be more than Rs 25000 pm.


1)  Aadhaar Card and Pan Card is required for Indentity proof.

2)  CIBIL score should be more than 650.

3)  3 Months Salary account statement for prrof of income.

4)  For Address proof Current Bills, Water Bills required.

 Presently True Caller offering loans to Salaried employees who monhtly net income is more than Rs 13500.


Truecaller mobile application is required to apply for loan.

 Step 1 :

You need to download True Caller application from Google Play store.

 Step 2 :

Create your account in True Caller Application. Its very simple process.

 Step 3 : 

Then Click on “Know More” option in the application and then click continue.

 Step 4:

Then its ask for your personal details such as your name, date of birth, email ID, area PIN code etc.

 Step 5:

According to your loan requirement you need to filled up applicaton form and upload the necessary documents.

 Step 6:

After uploading necessasry documents you need to submit application form.


After submitting your application form True Caller process your applicatioon and it will verify and check the documents uploaded by you.

 Step 8:

If Borrower loan application is approved True Caller send borrower a NACH form.

Step 9:

Borrower required to print NACH form, fill up and sign on form and need to send scanned copy to Truecaller.

 Step 10:

After receiving NACH form from the borrower Truecaller will send loan agreement on borrower mobile application.

 Step 11:

After submitting loan agreement Truecaller will review borrower loan application.

 Step 12:

Final step is Truecaller will credit the loan amount  to borrower Bank Account.


 In this article you get to know about True Caller Loans details, Its features, eligibility, how to apply for loans and its steps. Hope you got all information required. If any query you can comment below.

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