What is bo id ?

What is bo id / bo id Means 

The full form of bo id is Beneficial Owner Identification Number

In simple words bo id is 16 digit unique identification number given to Beneficial owner at the time of Demat Account opening in CDSL through an authorized DP or Stock Broker. When you open a Demat account online, the CDSL will send you a  welcome letter with all of your account details along with bo id number and its also known as Demat account Number in case of NSDL.

What is bo id / bo id Means

The bo id number is mandatory to mention in all future transactions and its unique for every beneficial owners to avoid wrong entries 

Format of bo id Number 


The first 8 digits are the DP id -12345678  and The last 8 digits are a unique client ID provided by CDSL   - 00000000

Use of bo id in context of of CDSL and NSDL . 

The bo id is changes depending on whether the CDSL or the NSDL is used. 

bo id Means  in CDSL 

In the context of CDSL, the bo id  is a 16-digit numeric character, Format of bo id in context of CDSL  1234567800000000.

What is bo id in NSDL

In the context of NSDL the Demat Account Number is bo id  Number and the demat account number begins with “IN” and is accompanied by a 14-digit numeric code. Format of bo id in context of NSDL  IN12345678000000

How To Identify BO ID , DP ID,  And Client ID  in case of  CDSL and NSDL

For example, In Context CDSL your Beneficiary Owner ID is 1234567800000000 then your 

bo id  is 1234567800000000

DP id is 12345678

Client id  is 00000000

For example, In Context NSDL your Beneficiary Owner ID is IN12345699999999  then your 

bo id  is IN12345699999999

DP id is IN123456

Client id  is 99999999


Conclusion :- 

Now you have clearly understood that meaning bo id and BO ID , DP ID, And Client ID  in the Context of  CDSL and NSDL . In case still you have any doubt you can just comment below.

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