bo id means in Angel Broking?

 bo id means in Angel Broking?

The bo id in Angel Broking is a demat account number of the customer issued by  CDSL at the time of demat account opening. By login on to the angel broking website under profile section you will find the bo id, which consists of 16 digit number. 8 digits are  DP ID and another 8 digits Client ID. 

bo id means in Angel Broking

Format of Angel Broking bo id : 12033200  99999999

The first 8 digits are the angel broking DP id  - 12033200

The last 8 digits are the client ID -  99999999  

The Client ID are unique for all angel broking Customers 

Conclusion :- 

Now you clearly understand that meaning bo id in angel broking and DP ID,  And Client ID  in the Context of  angel broking  . In case stil you have any doubt  you can just comment below.

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